Which WordPress Image Library Should You Get?

Images have always been one of the most challenging part of running website. While the wordpress community is always working to improve the platform in the best way they can, it certainly does not hurt to try looking for a wordpress image library that’ll improve your website’s performance.

PixelRockstar is a 4 million-photo wordpress image library, founded by stock photo experts. It has an image for every situation that can help transform the effectiveness of your articles. It offers easy access to legally safe images, so you can avoid the risks that come with free photos in the internet. It is a convenient way to find high quality images without having to worry about licensing.

Why it is the plugin that rocks:

  • Ease of use. This wordpress image library delivers stock photos quick and easy. You can easily search and add the images that suit your creative needs, so you can have more time doing the things you love. That’s right! In just a few clicks, images are added directly to your posts.
  • Legally safe. All images come with a Digital License, which is specifically designed for digital use. Most traditional image sources have common limitations that drive online publishers away. PixelRockstar lets you avoid the risks of using free imagery by giving safe-to-use photos.
  • Best prices. Stock photos and illustrations in the wordpress image library can be downloaded for as low as $0.57 each. You can choose among three packages: Pixel, Rock and Star, whichever suits your creative needs and budget. Starting at $9 for 10 images, you will surely have the image you need.
  • Social media. Some image sources allow you to use their images in your articles but not in your social media outlets. PixelRockstar saves you from paying additional fees to do so. All images can be posted directly to your website and social media.

Compelling content is not always enough to attract your target audience. Every visitor has certain criteria on what makes a good website, and high quality photos are often one of them. If you are looking for image optimization plugins minus the slow loading time, PixelRockstar is the wordpress image library you should get. Find out here now.


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